Angharad Pearce Jones is an installation artist, whose work, much like a satirist, takes both a humorous and critical look at society's idiosyncracies and contradictions.


She studied 3D Design: wood, metal, plastics, ceramics at Brighton University in the early Nineties and subsequently set herself up in business as a blacksmith/metal fabricator. In 1999 she completed an MA in Fine Art at Cardiff Art School and began her journey into large scale installations, that have become an almost autobiographical commentary on her largely male dominated day job.


Living and working in post industrial South Wales has also influenced her work, e.g. her characteristic flock wallpapered scaffold pieces, charting the morphing of heavy industry into heritage parks and nostalgia. An Ikea-esque, three roomed installation commented on the ironic rise of DIY activity in the home, against a steady decline in British manufacturing and blue collared industries in general.


Later, she created two major works in direct response to the classic workshop pin up calendar, and with the aid of an Arts Council of Wales Creative Wales Award, employed and directed a glamour model, professional photographer and make up artist, producing a 12 booth interactive installation of her topless muse in Cardiff County Council voting booths, to coincide with the 2005 general election.


Angharad continues to utilize her split personality as conceptual artist and director of HAEARN-DESIGNER BLACKSMITHS Ltd, to produce pieces that comment on social and gender politics through process and material culture.


Bywgraffiad i ddilyn cyn hir...